Day 4 Tuesday 17th July Grasmere to Patterdale
Distance 8.5 Miles .......... Ascent 1725 Feet

Steady climb up to Grisedale Tarn on the Helvellyn-Fairfield ridge. The path leads down Grisedale to Patterdale. A bit rocky to start with but soon became an easy path. Patterdale Hotel and White Lion for refreshments. Short day but more strenuous tomorrow.


I am booked into The White Lion Inn, Patterdale. Single £40 b&b

Click image for details or for other accommodation follow the Sherpa Van link

Signed up for this day: David Brawn, Keith Case, Nigel Williams, Nick Case, Tom Case

Some notes on the day

This was basically a return along the previous day’s route for half a mile, across a valley and then a long climb onto Grisedale Hause. Towards the end of this reached a very steep bit that led up to Grisedale Tarn where it was pretty cold and a little drizzly but otherwise the weather was not too bad. Continued along by the tarn and then back down the next valley. This was a rocky path that eventually got better but was never perfect. It was a long journey along the valley, and we went a little bit wrong in that we ended up on the wrong (northerly) side of the valley with an easier road on the more southerly side. Off down the main road to Patterdale and the White Lion Inn. Pretty dreadful place, rooms pretty bad, showers didn’t work for most people, beer awful, etc. The breakfast in the morning was not too bad.

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