Day 3 Monday 16th July Rosthwaite to Grasmere
Distance 9 Miles .......... Ascent 2230 Feet

Follow Stonethwaite Beck out of Rosthwaite towards Lining Crag. Just before Lining Crag and near some spoil heaps from quarrying things start to get rather tough. The crag itself is a steep ascent and very hard work. Follow the cairns up to Greenup Edge where there is a decision as to whether to go along all the peaks on the ridge or just drop down into Easedale itself along towards Grasmere. The path down to Easedale is not that easy, with a clamber down rocks but it soon becomes a very straightforward walk down into Grasmere. Pubs not very good.


I am booked into the Red Lion Hotel, Grasmere. Single £77.50 single ensuite

Click image for details or for other accommodation follow the Sherpa Van link

Signed up for this day: David Brawn, Keith Case, Nigel Williams

Some notes on the day

Rained all day long with fine rain. Started out from Rosthwaite with a long slow climb up the valley which ended with a very steep climb up Lining Crag and then onto the top. Very boggy on the top and a very long walk down clambering over rocks. Eventually got into Grasmere. Nick and Tom arrived in the evening and we had an evening in Tweedie’s Bar with decent beer and food. Stayed in the Red Lion, Best Western Hotel which was OK.

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