Members of the Pioneer Corps

Nominal Roll from The Pioneer Corps by Robert Cary, published by Galaxie Press, Salisbury, Rhodesia, 1975.

Additional information (mainly first names) has come from the 1906 will of Frederick Clayton which determined that:
The Hatcliffe Estate (estimated value £30,000) with all livestock implements &c. I leave to my wife Georgina Clayton for her full use and benefit during her life time, but not to be let or the live stock to be allowed to be less than it is at present the mortgage if any remaining to be paid out of my monies in hand. At the death of My Wife the Hatcliffe Estate to be held in perpetuity for the use of Pioneers and descendants of pioneers (especially those descendants of pioneers who have been disabled during this present war) whom are in need of help.

The nominal roll of the British South Africa Police which accompanied the Pioneer Corps can be found here

Johnson Frank William Frederick Major Officer Commanding
HeanyMaurice Captain Commanding "A" Troop
Hoste Henry Francis "Skipper" Captain Commanding "B" Troop
Roach John James Captain Commanding "C" Troop
Burnett Albert Edward Captain Chief Transport Officer
Selous Frederick Courtney Captain Chief of Intelligence
TabuteauDr Augustus Joseph Oliver Captain Principal Medical Officer
Borrow Henry John Lieutenant Adjutant
Campbell James Adair Lieutenant "A" Troop
Mandy Frank Lieutenant "B" Troop
Tynedale-Biscoe Edwards Carey Lieutenant "C" Troop
Burnett Robert George Lieutenant i/c Native Labourers
Dennison Alexander George Lieutenant Quartermaster
Nicholson Richard Granville Lieutenant Intelligence Officer
Fry William Ellerton Lieutenant Intelligence Officer
Lichfield Dr James William Lieutenant Assistant Surgeon
Brett Dr James Lieutenant Assistant Surgeon
Farrell Edward O'Connell Lieutenant Veterinary Surgeon
Hartmann Rev. Father Andrew M. S.J. Chaplain Roman Catholic
Surridge Rev. Frank Howard Chaplain Church of England


Beal Robert RSM promoted Lieutenant
King William Fleming Regimental Sergeant Major
Vialls Charles Clement Quartermaster Sergeant
Spreckley John Anthony Paymaster Sergeant
Dixon William Orderly Room Sergeant
Gie Michael Conrad Staff Sergeant (Orderly Room)
Ogilvie Ogilvie Hollings Provost-Sergeant
Frazer Alexander Simon Saddler-Sergeant
Wallace James Farrier-Sergeant
Fry Thomas Ellerton Clerk/Issuer
Hall George Clerk/Issuer
Selly William John Trooper (Cook)


Alexander Thomas Francis Caleb Conductor
Rowland John Robert Conductor
Solomon Hymen Alfred Conductor
Stevenson Francis Lincoln Conductor
Human Christian Wilkes Conductor
Morris Herbert John Conductor
Palmer John Walter Conductor
Schlacter John Assistant Conductor
Scallan James Denson Trooper
Langerman Frederick Henry Trooper
Francis J.L. Trooper


Mahon John Dennis Troop Sergeant Major
Murphy William Bernard Edward Sergeant
Suckling Edward Horace Walpole Sergeant
Nesbitt Richard Henry Corporal
Hamilton Harry Rice Corporal
Hosking William Henry Corporal
Camp Charles Robert Corporal
Corderoy John William Lance Corporal
Schermbrucker Frederick Lance Corporal
Berrington Evelyn D. Lance Corporal
Steward Augustine Lance Corporal
Armstrong Owen Richard Trooper
Barter John Augustine George Trooper
Bird Arthur Hatfield Sumner Trooper
Borrius John Phillip Trooper
Bowden Montague Parker Trooper
Chiappini Lorenzo Trooper
Christison Thomas James Trooper
Clinton William James Trooper
Cornwall William Lundie Trooper
Coryndon Robert Thorne Trooper
Cripps Lionel Trooper
DarlingJames Johnston Ffolliott Trooper
DarterAdrian Albert Trooper
DowningGeoffrey George David Trooper
Drabble William Trooper
Dykes Dawson Leigh Ballantine Trooper
Fletcher Francis Charles Trooper
Halkett Alexander Colin Trooper
Hepworth John Charles Trooper
Hunter Frederick Thomas Trooper
Inskipp Percy Sidney Trooper
Jay Henry Brownrigg Trooper
Mackay William Trooper
McRobert John Murie Trooper
Masters Charles Trooper
Moore John Frederick William Trooper
Nesbitt Alexander Thornhill Trooper
Nesbitt Frederick Trooper
Nesbitt William M. Trooper
Neumayer Leo Trooper
O'Meara Bulkey Ernest Adolphus Trooper
O'Toole Edmond Trooper
Pattison Arthur Joseph Todd Trooper
Seward George Ernest Trooper
Shepherd John H. Trooper
Somerville James J. Trooper
Taylor Rowland Trooper
Tregenza Edward George Trooper
Van Eyk Cornelius John Trooper
Venables John William Ella Trooper
Vintcent Louis Anthony Trooper
Walker John Peter Trooper
Walker Richard P. Trooper
Warren Albert Herbert Trooper
Warren Robert Joshua Trooper
Whitmore Ernest Herbert Trooper


Browne Henry Philip Troop Sergeant Major
Finucane Edward Sergeant
Birkley William Henry Corporal
Crawford John Lindsay Lance Corporal
Eyre Thomas Arthur Page Lance Corporal
Montagu Henry Southey Maclean Lance Corporal
O'Connell John Trumpeter
Adcock Roger William Trooper
Arnott Sydney Nathaniel Trooper
Baker Walter Valentine Trooper
Banks Henry Blakeway Trooper
Barry John William Trooper
Bowen George John Trooper
Brown William Harvey Trooper
Campbell Alexander Duncombe Trooper
Campbell Patrick W. Trooper
Chase Arthur Henry Trooper
Christopherson George Ernest Trooper
Cowie William Warden Trooper
Drennan George Woodhouse Trooper
Durrell Walter Dalaney Trooper
Edgell Edward Ramsay Trooper
Ehlert Frederick Trooper
Eliot Algernon Ernest Albert Trooper
Everitt Fritz Trooper
Featherstonehaugh Henry Westcott Trooper
Frost Reginald Trooper
Gaylard George Rufus Trooper
Griffiths Hugh Ferrier Trooper
Griffiths Llewellyn Trooper
Grimmer John Robert Trooper
Harty Joshua Goddard Trooper
Harvey John Thomas Trooper
Hay John Henry Trooper
Holmes Alfred Thomas Trooper
Hoste William Derrick Trooper
Jameson Robert William Trooper
Judd William Joseph Trooper
Krohn Alexander Frederick Trooper
Larsen Oscar Trooper
Lovemore Charles Benjamin Trooper
Lovemore Henry Carrington Trooper
McCleland Robert Hamilton Trooper
Mandy George Stephen Thomas Trooper
Mosenthal Charles Frederick Trooper
Orr Clair Avery Trooper
Pengelly Henry Augustus Trooper
Pocock Edwin Innes Trooper
Pusey George Henry Trooper
Puzey Arthur Henry Winder Trooper
Shepperson Frank Trooper
Slater Edward Trooper
Stanford Arthur French Trooper
Stier William Keppel Trooper
Uppington John Trooper


Wheaton James Battalion Sergeant Major
Elliott George Frederick Staff Sergeant
Drysdale John Patrick Sergeant
Minshull Thomas Sergeant
Bent Eustace Henry Corporal
Nesbitt Charles Warren Corporal
Hill William George Lance Corporal
Butcher William Henry Walter Lance Corporal
McColl Andrew Armourer
Lust John Trumpeter
Aggett William James Trooper
Bradley Benjamin Trooper
Bradley Charles Kissock Trooper
Brand Theodore Frederick Trooper
Clay Wentworth Norris Trooper
Colquhoun Frederick Croslley Trooper
Edmonds John Arnold Trooper
Ferguson Francis William Trooper
Graham Alexander Miller Trooper
Histon George Trooper
Kronstein Leonard Trooper
Law Horace Trooper
Lea Arthur Trooper
Logan George Alfred Trooper
MacLachlan Alexander Trooper
Moberley Walter Frederick George Trooper
Murch Robert Richard Hancock Trooper
Nowers David Trooper
Rudland Thomas William Trooper
Trenanan Charles Robert Trooper
Tulloch Alexander Trooper
Watney Peter Henry Trooper
Wimble Bentley Skelton Trooper
Wyatt Henry Frederick James Trooper


The following from the above list by Robert Clay do not appear in the Frederick Clayton Will

Hoste M.
Schlacter J.
Murphy W.B.E.
McColl A.


These are those for whom certain sources say they were a member of the Pioneer Corps, but where there was little or no supporting evidence. None of these appear in the Frederick Clayton will

Quested T.W.
Daniel Oliver Repton
Cowrie W.W.
Erasmus Abel
Lange Christian


Eleven members of the Corps having been properly attested, were either dismissed or sent back at their own request, before the column crossed the Shashi river. None of these appear in the Frederick Clayton will

Beaumont Henry George
Burnett Max
Burchell Frederick Usher
Distin Ernest
Featherstone E.S.
Featherstone C.F.
McLelland Henry
McGrath P.
Meintjies Bernard
Querl W.


In the book there is only about a page (in two column format) of 'biographical details' of the civilians who accompanied the Pioneers. The details given are often very brief, and for about half of the list there are in fact no biographical details

Argall Martin
Baumann J.
Bresson J.
Cherry J.E.
Cock John Williams
Cock Thomas Toy
Coles J.W.
Colquhoun A.R.
Condon George
Denny H.
Durrant Maurice
Fry Ivon
Harman F.E.
Harrison C.F.
Hawes James
Hawes John
Hensher William E.
Jameson Sir Leander Starr
Jarvis Henry
Kaiser J.
Kermode Edward Walter
Kretzshmar John Archibald
McCallum W.
McGeer James
McGeer John
Maher P.
Morrow W.J.
Natrass W.
Nicholson Andy
Nicholson F.C.
Rogers W.
Ross Thomas Alexander
Stevens J.
Taylor C.W.
Thompson S.
Thompson W. Backhouse
Walthew F.W.
Williams Jack
Wilson Alan