The Jameson Raiders

Dr Jameson's Raid, Its Causes and Consequences by Reverend James King and published by George Routledge & Sons, London, 1896 gives a contemporary account of the Raid. It is available here

The Jameson Raid: A Failed Dress Rehearsal for the Anglo-Boer War by David Saks and published in the Military History Journal, Vol 12, No 5, June 2003 is perhaps a more considered view. It is available here

The following information is taken from the 1930 book, The Jameson Raid by Hugh Marshall Hole, as transcribed at and supplemented by further information (prisoners (*) from Hidden in Plain Sight: Johannesburgs Battlefields, appendix 5, Leon Engelbrecht) and Official List of Prisoners 13th January 1896 published in the Johannesburg Times and through the Press Association the South Wales Daily News, January 15 1896.

Both David Saks and Hugh Marshall Hole refer to the Mashonaland Mounted Police whereas several other sources refer to the Matabeleland Mounted Police


In General Charge: Dr Leander Starr Jameson, CB
In Military Command: Lieutenant Colonel Sir John Christopher Willoughby, Baronet (Major, Royal Horse Guards)

Staff Officers:
Major Honourable Robert White (Captain, Royal Welch Fusiliers), Senior Staff Officer
Major Charles Hyde Villiers (Captain, Royal Horse Guards)
Captain Kenneth J. Kincaid-Smith (Lieutenant, Royal Artillery), Artillery Staff Officer
Captain Charles Frederick Lindsell (late Royal Scots Fusiliers), i/c Scouts
Captain James Hutchinson Kennedy (BSA Company's Civil Service), Quartermaster
Captain Edward C S Holden (Derbyshire Yeomanry), Assistant Quartermaster
Surgeon Captain W Farmer (BSA Company's Civil Service)
Surgeon Captain Seaton G Hamilton* (late 1st Life Guards)
Lieutenant Harold M Grenfell (1st Life Guards), Remount Officer
Lieutenant James Charles Jesser-Coope (Rhodesia Horse Volunteers), Transport Officer
Veterinary Surgeon Lieutenant A H C Masters (Mashonaland Mounted Police)

Attached to Staff:
Major John Bourchier Stracey (Scots Guards)
Major Maurice David Heany (late Mashonaland Pioneer Corps)
Captain Cyril Foley (3rd Royal Scots)
Lieutenant H R Holden (late Grenadier Guards)

(See note above)

In command: Lieutenant Colonel Honourable Henry Frederick White (Major, Grenadier Guards)
Second in command: Major William Bodle (Chief Inspector, MMP)

A Troop
Captain Martin Straker (Inspector, MMP)
Lieutenant Rowan Cashel (Sub-Inspector, MMP)
Lieutenant Harry Farquhar Scott (Sub-Inspector, MMP)
Lieutenant Henry Arthur Chaworth Musters (Sub-Inspector, MMP)
Abbott* Edwin A RSM
Adames* Ernest Gribbon Trooper
Adams-Acton Harold Trooper
Adkins* Clement Trooper
Black A Trooper Killed in action, buried Blaaubank Farm.
Brown Frederick W Trooper Wounded: bullet wound right arm
Brown* Frederick Sheard Sergeant
Bull* Henry Collins Corporal Wounded
Burke* (Bourke) John Trooper
Burnside* Robert Nigel Trooper
Burrows Sampson M Trooper Wounded: bullet wound in right knee
Canton* Claude F Trooper
Carson* Thomas Trooper
Celliers* Daniel Henry Trooper
Chattaway* (Chataway) Norman Harris Corporal
Chawles* Edmund Trooper
Cheatter* (Cheaker) Joseph Trooper
Comer* Frank Trooper
Cook* Robert Trooper
Davies Henry Markham Sergeant
Den Malcolm Trooper
Doyle* Ashley Crofton Corporal
Dreyer Frederick W Corporal Wounded
Eames* Thomas Banbury Trooper
Fabling* Lancelot Mathew Trooper
Franklin* Benjamin Charles Trooper
Fyvie (Fyvil) Dermir McFarlane Trooper
Gall* John Trooper
Garcia* Egbert Morris Trooper
Gettliffe* Simon Trooper
Gibb* David Sergeant
Gibbs* Henry C E Trooper Wounded: kick in abdomen
Gibbs* Joseph W Trooper
Gray* Cecil Alexander Trooper
Hanley (Stanley) Joseph Trooper
Harber* (Harbery) Walter Alexander Trooper
Hill* Charles William King SM
Hill* John Hall (Hale) Trooper
Horsford* Knightly O'B Trooper
Jack* Robert Trooper Killed ?
Jackson* Henry Trooper
Jackson* Henry Barrett Trooper
Jupp* Richard Barry Corporal Wounded
Kerr* Fred Charles James Trooper
King* Joseph George Trooper .
Laidlaw* James Bruce Trooper
Langworthy* Harry W Trooper
Lawson* Charles Frederick Sergeant
Lester* Charles Reginald Sergeant
London* William Charles Corporal
Mageen* Lowen Ernest SM
Maloney* Cecil H Trooper
Marks* Clifford Webber Corporal
McLean* James Angus Campbell Trooper
McCracken Burnett de Crez Sergeant Wounded: bullet wounds shin and shoulder
McKinley* Alexander S Trooper
McLachlan William M Corporal
Menheniot* George Trooper
Moloney* James A Cecil Trooper
Moore* Alfred Henry Corporal
Moore* Edward F Trooper
Moore* Percy Harold Evelyn Trooper
Moras* Eugene Trooper
Murphy* Daniel Trooper
Normand* Patrick Hill Corporal
Norris* Charles J Trooper
O'Dea* Thomas Trooper
Olsson* Gustave Adolf Trooper
Parke* William Henry Corporal
Parr* Henry Allen Trooper
Philbrick B R Trooper Wounded: dysentery
Place* Edward Herbert Trooper
Potter George M Trooper Wounded: right foot
Rea* Harold George Trooper
Reynolds* Harry Trooper
Rogers* Edward M Corporal Wounded
Rolleston* Phillip Lancelot Trooper
Ruck Sidney Charles Sergeant Missing in action. Wounded, believed dead.
Ruck* George Gordon Trooper
Shed* (Shedd) William Burns Trooper
Sheppard Henry Ainslie Trooper Killed in action
Simon* (Symons) Louis William Trooper
Solomon* Percy Trooper
Steer Harry Trooper
Sturton* William Trooper
Valle B W Trooper Missing in action, escaped.
Waites* Joseph Trooper
Webb* Churchland James Trooper
Weinthal Paul Trooper Missing in action. Escaped.
Wilmot* George Rates (George Peter) Trooper
Wintle* (Wentle, Wintall) George Stanley Trooper Wounded

B Troop
Captain Lawson Leigh Ballantyne Dykes (Inspector, MMP)
Lieutenant Alfred James Tomlinson (Sub-Inspector, MMP)
Lieutenant Henry William Chawner (Sub-Inspector, MMP)
Ashwin* Richard Corporal
Baker* Alfred Lee Corporal
Berry* Ernest A Trooper Wounded: kick in stomach and rheumatism
Bletsoe John Bernard Trooper Killed in action, buried Randfontien.
Bleular G Trooper Missing,
Calderwood* John Trooper
Champken* Frederick Trooper
Cumming* Adam Bennett Sergeant
Dewar* Arthur Robert Johnson Corporal
Dodge James Horsfield Trooper Missing in action - escaped.
Dumaresq* Rawlins Corporal
Early* Frederick Trooper
Edwards D Trooper Killed in action, buried Vlakfontein farm.
Farrell Edward O'Connell Trooper
Foxcroft* Richard Trooper
Francis* William Clarence Trooper
Fraser* James John Meintjes Trooper
Gardiner* Alexander W Trooper
Haddingham William Trooper
Haggblad* Emil (Erwin) Trooper
Harris* Reginald Oke Trooper
Hatherell* John E Trooper
Hay* Edward James Trooper
Hector* John Sergeant
Hill* Phillip Leonard Trooper
Hosken* (Hosking) Charles Cuthbert Fayrer Sergeant
Hutchinson W J C Trooper Killed in action. Buried Vlakfontein Farm
Jardine* Cecil A Trooper
Jones* Francis Alfred Trooper
Keenan* Percy Walter Trooper
Lalor* John Lardener Trooper
Langton Courtney Trooper
Larson John Oscar Trooper Missing, believed escapee
Lewis* Alfred Trooper
Lewis* Edward Charles Trooper
Lewis* James George Trooper
Lister* Edward Henry Cecil Trooper
Martin* Herbert James Trooper
Medcalfe* George Frederick T Trooper
Meinne* John M Trooper
Millar* Christian George M Trooper
Moreland* Henry Trooper Wounded: contusion right side
Morris* Samuel Trooper
Murphy* Pearce Edward Trooper
Murray* Kenneth Alexander Sergeant
Murray* Charles Stephenson Trooper
Newitt* Henry Trooper
Nicholls* Thomas Trooper
Nickson Frank A Trooper Wounded
Parker* George Bertie Corporal
Pender John Stuart Menzies Corporal
Pepys* Arthur Guy Leslie Trooper
Power* Richard Edie Trooper
Puddy* Charles Ernest Trooper
Roberts* Duncan J Trooper
Rodley* John William Trooper
Roodt* William Peter Trooper
Sievert* Christian Henry Trooper
Smith* Alexander William Corporal
Stock* Thomas Henry Trooper
Sturgeon* John Trooper
Thirkell* William Russell Trooper
Thomas* William Llewellyn Trooper
Turner Arthur Francis Bowley Trooper
Walterstorff* Albert Johann Trooper
Wetherall* George John Trooper
Wiley (Wyley) Harry Trooper Missing in action escaped
Willam Albert C Trooper
Williams J W (T W ) Trooper Missing in action Escaped.
Wilmot* William McDonald Trooper

C Troop
Captain William John Barry (Inspector, MMP). (Wounded: bullet wound through spine and hip and died)
Lieutenant Alexander Phillip Louis Cazalet* (Sub-Inspector, MMP)
Lieutenant Gresham Hugh Powell Williams (Sub-Inspector, MMP)
Lieutenant Walter Pringle Erskine-Murray (Sub-Inspector, MMP)
Ballantine* James Douglas Trooper
Barnes* Ernest Trooper
Beadon H G A Musgrave Corporal Wounded: bullet wound left leg
Beard Seymour H Corporal Killed in action
Bewley* Edmund Trooper
Brand* William John Trooper
Brennan* Francis Dawse Trooper
Bryan* Francis Trooper
Carlyle* Thomas Trooper
Clarke* James W Sergeant
Cloete* John Henry Trooper
Coghill R M S Trooper Missing in action, escaped. Died
Devereaux Lawrence Trooper
Driver* Percy ErskineTulloch Trooper
Farmery* Edwin Armistead Corporal
Fenton* Frederick Arthur Trooper
Flynn* John J Trooper
Gooch Brook Trooper
Harrington* Charles Herbert Corporal
Harris* Charles Henry Trooper
Hayes Frederick A Trooper Wounded
Hooper* James Trooper
Hyman* Raleigh Trooper
James* Edward Henry Trooper
Johnstone* Tom Robert Cartlege Harrison Trooper
Jones* William Herbert E Trooper
Kelsall William H Trooper Missing in action, escaped.
Kennedy* Leslie Coleridge Trooper
Kenny* John J Trooper
Lawlor* Edward James Trooper
Little* Hugh Mervyn Sergeant
Major* George Trooper
Marchant* Edward Trooper
Maree (Marr) James Corporal Killed in action. Buried Doornkop Cemetery
McGowan* William Trooper Wounded
McKenzie* George S Trooper
McMillan* Donald Bather Trooper
Meyers J Carl Trooper Missing in action, escaped. Same as below ?
Myers Jack C Trooper Killed in action. Same as above ?
Neale* Arnold Edward Trooper
O'Farrell* Edward Joseph Trooper
O'Leary* John Joseph SM
Olivers* John Redan Trooper
Palmer James Albert Sergeant Wounded
Pattinson* Reginald Trooper
Poole* Edward Josiah Trooper
Primmer* William Henry Trooper
Procter Richard N Trooper
Rankine* Thomas Trooper
Reid* John Walter Trooper
Rhodes* Charles A Trooper
Richardson* Horace Trooper
Ryan* Patrick Francis Trooper
Sainsbury* Henry Trooper
Schmeltzer* Alfred Trooper
Sheddon* Samuel Trooper
Siebert Louis Cornelius Trooper Missing in action, escaped.
Slee* Charles Wilbourne Trooper
Spurrier* D'Arce Clemence Basil Trooper
Stannard Frederick Trooper Wounded: bullet wound in thigh
Stapleton* Lewis Henry Sergeant Wounded: shot right hip
Stone(Shone) Henry John Trooper
Tapp* George Raikes Sergeant
Thiebert Victor Otto Trooper Missing in action, escaped.
Thorn* (Thorne) Richard Adler Trooper
Tonge* Arthur Reginald Trooper
Tremayne* Richard John Sergeant
Vanner* Clement William Trooper
Weldon Henry Trooper Wounded
Wiid Paul Stewart Trooper Believed dow Krugersdoop. Shot through spinal cord and probably abdomen
Wilson John Trooper Wounded: shot through right hip

D Troop
Captain Gordon Valiancy Drury (BBP, attached MMP)
Lieutenant W E Murray (Sub-Inspector, MMP).
Lieutenant Harry Paley Constable (Sub-Inspector, MMP)
Armstrong* James St George Primlie Trooper
Belk* Samuel Waterhouse Trooper
Brooks Montague T Trooper Wounded
Brown Martin Woodham Trooper Killed in action
Browne Richard J Trooper
Bruce Stewart H P Trooper Wounded: shot right thigh
Callanan* Henry A Trooper Wounded: bullet in left side of chest
Clarendon* Sydney C Trooper
Clarke* William Thomas Trooper
Clements* Percy Brook Sergeant
Cozens* Arthur Trooper
Davis* Gordon Sergeant
De la Haye* Francis M Trooper
Farrell* Michael George Trooper
Forster (Foster) John R H Trooper Killed in action. Buried Krugersdorp
Gardyne* Thomas McCloud Bruce Trooper .
Gordon* Thomas Trooper
Gorringe* Leonard Trooper
Gunn* Angus Donald Trooper
Hackvale* Arthur Edward Trooper
Hennessy C E Trooper Killed in action. Buried Randfontein
Herbert* Percy William
Hillary* James Trooper
Holloway* Frank Vivian Trooper
Holt Charles John Trooper
Ingham* John Seager Corporal
Johnstone* George Hugh Trooper
Kallenborn* John B Trooper
Kavanagh* Thomas E Trooper
Kebz/Keltz W C Trooper Missing in action, escaped.
Kenny* John Trooper
Keys* William Trooper
Lang* George Trooper
Lawrie* James S Trooper
Low* Peter Trooper
Mallalieu* Joseph Pashley Trooper
Manning John Trooper Missing in action. Wounded. Died
Marchant* John Trooper
Maroney* Patrick W Trooper
McMullin* Samuel Trooper
McNamara* James Trooper
McVety James Trooper Wounded: shot through mouth
Monk* Ernest Wealand Trooper
Morgan* James Edwards Trooper
Morgen* William Trooper
Newman* Joseph Trooper
Nicholls* John Edward Trooper
Pescod* William Thomas Trooper
Phillips* Francis Wall Trooper
Probyn* Henry Trooper
Reynard* Joseph James Trooper
Rothman* John Trooper
Rowe Charles Frederick Trooper
Russell* Henry (Harry) Trooper
Scrope* Gervase J P Corporal
Shaw* Robert Bridge Trooper Wounded
Slocock* Charles Edward Trooper
Smith* James Joseph Trooper
Spring* Francis Raymond Corporal
Springfield* Geoffrey Mandeville Osborne SM
Steadmond* Edward Trooper
Stevenson* Henry Trooper
Stone* William Trooper
Taylor* Albert Trooper
Tytleton George H Trooper
Walker* Fred V Trooper
Walters* Albert Edward Trooper
Wedderburn* John Trooper .
Willan Frederick (T) Trooper Missing in action. Escaped.
Winder* Allan Campbell Sergeant

Captain Frank Lake Bowden (Inspector, MMP)
Lieutenant Walter Smithey Spain (Sub-Inspector, MMP)
Bateson* Malcolm Weir Trp SM .
Bernstein* Harry L Trooper
Blankenberg* Charles Henry Trooper
Bouwer* Cornelius F Trooper
Bull* James Trooper
Burnand* John Arthur Trooper .
Carpenter* Frederick Trooper
Carson* James G Trooper .
Chadborn* John Arthur Trooper
Constable* Hugh C Trooper
Davey* Thomas William Trooper
Dobbyn* Thomas Corporal
Eastwood* Francis Trooper
Forsyth* Alfred Burnet Trooper
Frost* John Trooper
Gibb* William Corporal
Jackson* Robert Trooper
Jenkins* Alexander Jameson Trooper
Kirby* Lewis J Trooper
Lundgren* Alfred John Trooper
Lynn Thomas Russell Corporal Wounded: shot through right foot. Died
Mack William Trooper
Mostyn Francis H Trooper Wounded
Palmer* William John Trooper
Parkin* Julius Minet Trooper
Paton* Frederick William Trooper
Paul* Arthur H D Trooper
Pechell William Kerr Trooper
Pomeroy Granville G Trooper Wounded: wound in left leg and knee joint
Sinclair* Angus Lawrence Corporal
Steel* Hugh Trooper
Steiner* Joseph Julius Trooper
Stevens* Cecil Ernest Trooper
Still R T Trooper Wounded and died
Strutt* Charles Brownlow Corporal
Sutherland* Charles Edward Hartley Trooper
Victor* Arthur Trooper
Wagstaff* St John Henry Trooper
Webb* Benjamin William Trooper
Wickham* Thomas Strange Trooper
Mashonaland Mounted Police NCO's and men, 356


In command: Lieutenant Colonel Raleigh Grey* (Major, 6th Dragoons)
Second in command: Major Honourable Charles John Coventry (3rd Worcesters). (Wounded: shot through back)

G Troop
Captain Audley Vaughan Gosling
Lieutenant Arthur Henry Johnstone Hore
Lieutenant Edward Allen Wood
Bale* John Trooper
Ballard W F Corporal Escaped, 1896, Tpr, MMP No 295.
Beale* Wiilliam Trooper .
Bellew* Charles Joseph Corporal
Bennett* James Trooper
Bevan* Alfred Ernest Trooper
Billing* Herbert Lindsey Trooper
Blatherwick* James Kincaid Trp SM
Bourke* Thomas Edward Corporal
Collins* Bernard Trooper
Cooke* George Alfred Corporal
Cooper* Daniel Ernest Trooper
Cottrell* Alfred George Sergeant
De Legh* William Owen Trooper
Douglas* Frank Arthur Sergeant
Du Plooy* Rudolph Trooper
Elliot* Richard Lourens Trooper
Fraser David Trooper Wounded seriously, died
Going* Gerald H Trooper
Handsomebody* William Harvey Trooper
Harrison Edward Hyde Trooper
Harwood* Evelyn Gwynne L/Corporal
Lamb George Bellfield Louis Trooper Killed in action. Krugersdorp Cemetery
McCarthy* Harry Francis Trooper
McMahon* Robert Donald L/Corporal
Mundell* Marmaduke Howell Sergeant
Paley* John A F Trooper
Payne George R Trooper Wounded: abscess in buttock
Pepys* John Corporal
Power* Patrick Trooper
Pyke* George Thomas Trooper
Reeland W A Trooper Killed. Buried Doornkop.
Reeland* Charles John Headingham Sergeant
Riley* William Henry Trooper
Roberts* James W Trooper
Rowley Arthur W Trooper Wounded: shot through groin
Russell* Thomas Andrew Trooper
Ryan* Kearns Trooper
Rylands* Thomas Ellerton L/Corporal
Scott* Duncan Trooper
Seale* George Trooper
Spalding* Frederick William Trooper
Steele* Alexander Trooper
Sutcliffe* Herbert John Hospital SM
Walker* Thomas J Trooper
Wenn* Edmund Wardle Trooper
White* George James Corporal
Williamson* John James Corporal
Zeiss* Edward Charles Albert Trooper

K Troop
Captain Charles Lloyd Doveton Munro (Seaforth Highlanders)
Lieutenant William James McQueen (wounded)
Adye* Sydney L/Sergeant
Allen* Harry George Wallis Trooper
Anthony* Lewis Trooper
Babb* Leonard Trooper
Borrell* George Sergeant
Bowden* Sydney V Trooper
Brady* Archibald Henry Sergeant
Broberg* John Trooper
Burgess* Arthur Trooper
Burgess* William Robert Trooper
Calder* John Trooper
Cartwright* James Henry Trooper
Chalke G A Trooper Missing in action, escaped.
Close* Percival T S Trooper
Cole* Mansell Lawford Trp SM
Couser* Richard Trooper
Croft* Alfred W W Trooper
Davidson George Johnston Farr/Corporal Missing in action, escaped
Davy* Daniel Trooper
Dobson* Joseph Gordon Vincent L/Sergeant
Finch* William Trooper
Friedman E H Trooper Missing in action, escaped.
Gibson* William Mitchell Trooper
Gilmore* Robert Trooper
Greaves* Cecil Goldsmid Corporal
Green* George Trooper
Grimes* Gordon Henry L/Corporal
Hall ? Trooper Missing in action, escaped
Handley* Herbert Humphrey Trooper
Holmes* Alfred J Trooper
Hoseason* Cecil de C S Trooper
Ibbes* Charles Henry Trooper
Jennings* Arthur Trooper
Johnson* George Trooper
Kirk* Charles James Trooper .
Law William Trooper
Leary* Edward Corporal
Logan George Trooper
Lucy* Frederick Lionel Trooper
Mattison* James Arthur L/Corporal
McAdam* John C Trooper
McBarnet* Donald McPherson Trooper
McCullum* John Wallace Trooper
Merry* George Alexander Trooper
Mitchell* John Bentley Corporal
Moller* Henry Peter Trooper
Moore* George L/Corporal
Musker* Edward Corporal
North* Albert Trooper
Osler F Trooper Killed in action
Plomer* Charles Campbell Trooper
Saunders* John Drummond Trooper
Saunders* William G Trooper
Shoesmith* Alfred P Trooper
Smith* Henry Walter Sergeant
Smith* John Trooper
Stone William Dionysius Trooper Killed in action. Buried Doornkop.
Symington* John Farr Corporal
Thomson* Richard James Trooper
Wallace* Henry Corporal
Weare* Robert Augustus Trooper
Wiggins* Thomas Trooper
Willows Tom Oxden Troop SM
Wilson* David Trooper
Young* Anthony Rogers Trooper
Medical Officer: Surgeon-Captain Edward Charles Frederick Garraway*
Veterinary Officer: Veterinary Lieutenant William Lakie
Bechuanaland Border Police: NCO's and men, 113

Unknown Troop
Barnes Edmond G Sergeant Wounded: bullet wound right thigh
Campbell J Trooper
Davies Henry Trooper Killed in action, buried Randfontien.
Evans F N U Trooper Killed. Buried Violet Mine.
Kirkpatrick W J Wounded in action. Escaped.
Pownall William Charles Beatty Trooper Killed in action, buried Randfontien.
Townsend ? Escaped.
Basson* Albertus Johannes Conductor of two wagons
Blasson George H
Crosse Charles W Major, late 5th Dragoons. Spectator
Garlick* Burleigh Dr Jameson's servant.
McDonnell* John Storeman
Pettit* George E Servant to Captain Grenfell
Woodruff Frederick G

There were 8 maxim guns, 2 7-pounder guns and 1 12-pounder gun, 640 horses and 158 mules with the force, and about 150 native drivers, leaders, etc.