Imperial Forces Medal Roll

Source: Transcibed from WO100/77 at the National Archives

Imperial Forces


Carrington Sir Frederick Major-General Salisbury Field Force
Ferguson V. Captain, A.D.C. Salisbury Field Force
Vyvyan C. B. Captain Salisbury Field Force
Ruston John Private 2577 Salisbury Field Force
Goodall Joseph Private 3510 Salisbury Field Force
Paviy William Hamer Private 3478 Salisbury Field Force

Matabeleland Relief Force

Plumer H. C. O. Major (local Lt-Colonel) York & Lancaster Regiment
Watts C. N. Captain (local Major) Derbyshire Regiment
Kershaw F. E. Captain (local Major) York & Lancaster Regiment
Shadwell F. M. Captain (local Major) York & Lancaster Regiment
Beresford Hon. J. G. H. H. Lieutenant 7th Hussars
Turner H. S. Lieutenant Royal Highlanders
Fraser K. A. Lieutenant 7th Hussars
Dent B. C. Lieutenant 1st Battalion Leics Regiment
Wheeler G. D. Lieutenant Royal Artillery

2nd Battalion King's Royal Rifle Corps

Fortescue Francis Alexander Major 2nd Batn King's Royal Rifles
Potter G. Sergeant 5291 2nd Batn King's Royal Rifles

7th Hussars

The 7th Hussars were on a routine posting in South Africa when three squadrons, under the command of Lieutenant-Colonel Harold Paget, were ordered to Mafeking where troops were being assembled for the 1896 Matabele Rebellion. Throughout 1896 the regiment operated in the area of Gwelo, patrolling regularly alongside Mounted Infantry made up with men from the 2nd Yorks and Lancs. The column was usually commanded by Colonel Baden-Powell. In November A and D squadrons marched to Bulawayo where a camp had been prepared for them. In 1897 the 7th Hussars took part in the Mashonaland Rebellion. In addition to the officers and men listed below, individuals of the 7th Hussars were on the staff under Sir Frederick Carrington or attached to other units.

Paget Harold Lieutenant-Colonel 7th Hussars
Agnew Charles Hamlyn Major 7th Hussars
Ridley H. M. Major 7th Hussars
Carew G. A. L. Captain 7th Hussars
Gunter Richard Francis Captain 7th Hussars
Nicholson J. S. Captain 7th Hussars
Poore R. M. Captain 7th Hussars
Beresford Hon. J. G. H. H. Lieutenant 7th Hussars
Dalgety H. B. Lieutenant 7th Hussars
Fraser K. A. Lieutenant 7th Hussars
Fulke-Greville Hon. C. B. Lieutenant 7th Hussars
Imbert-Terry A. F. A. Lieutenant 7th Hussars
Norton C. E. G. Lieutenant 7th Hussars
Vaughan J. Lieutenant 7th Hussars
Coe R. J. Hon. Lieutenant 7th Hussars
Holford J. H. E. 2nd Lieutenant 7th Hussars
Teck H.S.H. Prince A. G. of 2nd Lieutenant 7th Hussars
Wilson A. R.S.M. 2369 7th Hussars
Emes O. Sqdn Sergeant-Major 2542 7th Hussars
Sanders H. Sqdn Sergeant-Major 2810 7th Hussars
Willard G. R. Sqdn Sergeant-Major 2329 7th Hussars
Aubusson F. W. Q. Master Sergeant 2328 7th Hussars
Baldock P. J. Armourer Sergeant 715 7th Hussars
Dickaty C. Saddler Sergeant 3474 7th Hussars
Fergusson R. Sergeant 2609 7th Hussars
Gray H. Sergeant Farrier 3497 7th Hussars
Gray J. G. Sergeant Farrier 3466 7th Hussars
Handsley H. Sergeant 2760 7th Hussars
Heather J. A. Sergeant Cook 2529 7th Hussars
Lethbridge H. Sergeant 2950 7th Hussars
Lloyd F. Sergeant 2809 7th Hussars
Lloyd H. Sergeant Farrier 3351 7th Hussars
Ludlam A. B. Sergeant Farrier 3163 7th Hussars
Petch G. J. Sergeant Farrier 2642 7th Hussars
Wetherall T. M. E. Sergeant 2946 7th Hussars
Willis C. Sergeant 2902 7th Hussars
Young T. Sergeant 3223 7th Hussars
Finch F. Lance-Sergeant 2365 7th Hussars
King T. T. Lance-Sergeant 3153 7th Hussars
Marshall F. H. Lance-Sergeant 3164 7th Hussars
Russell J. Lance-Sergeant 2924 7th Hussars
Surrett W. J. Lance-Sergeant 3069 7th Hussars
Adey H. Corporal 3453 7th Hussars
Bishop J. J. Corporal 3859 7th Hussars
Emes G. D. Corporal Shoeing Smith 3705 7th Hussars
Griffin F. E. Corporal 2994 7th Hussars
Harvey A. A. Corporal 3627 7th Hussars
Kaye O. Corporal 3843 7th Hussars
Lawman J. Corporal 3463 7th Hussars
Paterson F. A. Corporal 3574 7th Hussars
Preston J. Corporal 1995 7th Hussars
Pritchard G. A. Corporal Shoeing Smith 3750 7th Hussars
Rix B. Corporal 2985 7th Hussars
Sharples S. Corporal 3432 7th Hussars
Shepherd R. Corporal 3447 7th Hussars
Spicer W. G. Corporal 3435 7th Hussars
Barnes C. W. Lance-Corporal 3936 7th Hussars
Bone J. H. Lance-Corporal 3882 7th Hussars
Browne A. H. Lance-Corporal 2668 7th Hussars
Fair G. Lance-Corporal 3738 7th Hussars
Fairweather C. W. Lance-Corporal 2858 7th Hussars
Gray C. W. Lance-Corporal 3620 7th Hussars
Hoban J. J. Lance-Corporal 3161 7th Hussars
Holderness W. Lance-Corporal 3813 7th Hussars
Horton F. Lance-Corporal 2510 7th Hussars
Jardine C. Lance-Corporal 3586 7th Hussars
Morrison A. Lance-Corporal 3720 7th Hussars
Parkes J. Lance-Corporal 3686 7th Hussars
Parrett J. Lance-Corporal 3787 7th Hussars
Plain W. Lance-Corporal 3602 7th Hussars
Rait D. A. Lance-Corporal 3575 7th Hussars
Sales F. Lance-Corporal 3919 7th Hussars
Sheard J. L. Lance-Corporal 4091 7th Hussars
Smith W. A. Lance-Corporal 3872 7th Hussars
Smith W. H. Lance-Corporal 3884 7th Hussars
Spradbury C. Lance-Corporal 3877 7th Hussars
Taylor J. C. Lance-Corporal 3850 7th Hussars
Thrathen W. A. Lance-Corporal 3473 7th Hussars
Winsborough W. Lance-Corporal 3291 7th Hussars
Acton J. Private 3853 7th Hussars
Addy A. Private 3797 7th Hussars
Allen J. Private 3899 7th Hussars
Andrews E. Private 3675 7th Hussars
Axcell F. T. Private 3617 7th Hussars
Aylen G. Private 2523 7th Hussars
Baldwin F. Private 3524 7th Hussars
Baltic W. Private 3577 7th Hussars
Bant W. E. Private 4055 7th Hussars
Barrett J. Private 3887 7th Hussars
Barron A. Private 3460 7th Hussars
Bedford R. Private 4210 7th Hussars
Bell N. R. Private 4185 7th Hussars
Bluitt A. J. Private 4003 7th Hussars
Bowie J. Private 3504 7th Hussars
Brady W. Private 3633 7th Hussars
Braund S. Private 4104 7th Hussars
Breach A. Private 3701 7th Hussars
Brewer J. Private 3488 7th Hussars
Briggs C. H. Private 3634 7th Hussars
Brown W. Private 4130 7th Hussars
Burditt J. Private 4036 7th Hussars
Burgess F. Private 4225 7th Hussars
Bussey F. Private 3660 7th Hussars
Byrne J. Private 3741 7th Hussars
Carmichael W. Private 4226 7th Hussars
Carveth G. B. Private 3557 7th Hussars
Chapman H. Private 3511 7th Hussars
Charlton D. Private 4067 7th Hussars
Chilvers W. Private 3831 7th Hussars
Collins W. Private 3612 7th Hussars
Cordery W. Private 3383 7th Hussars
Corney G. Private 4218 7th Hussars
Crowder T. Private 3385 7th Hussars
Dalliston F. B. Private 3824 7th Hussars
Dando W. Private 3618 7th Hussars
Dempsie R. Private 3464 7th Hussars
Dixon J. Private 3822 7th Hussars
Dowd J. Private 4215 7th Hussars
Downing H. K. Private 3717 7th Hussars
Dunford C. Private 4013 7th Hussars
Edwards J. Private 4103 7th Hussars
Eldergill T. H. Private 3384 7th Hussars
Ellse E. J. Private 3611 7th Hussars
Emery A. W. Private 4010 7th Hussars
English J. Private 4183 7th Hussars
Fairbotham A. Private 4072 7th Hussars
Farnham H. J. Private 2470 7th Hussars
Fisher F. Private 4043 7th Hussars
Flitton H. Private 3430 7th Hussars
Franklin T. W. Private 4227 7th Hussars
Furner W. R. Private 4133 7th Hussars
Garneys C. G. Private 3791 7th Hussars
Gates G. A. Private 3746 7th Hussars
Genge J. Private 3756 7th Hussars
Gillingham A. H. Private 3226 7th Hussars
Goodings F. Private 3479 7th Hussars
Green F. Private 3781 7th Hussars
Griffiths A. Private 4119 7th Hussars
Grover W. Private 3348 7th Hussars
Guy A. Private 3605 7th Hussars
Guy C. Private 3610 7th Hussars
Hart H. G. Private 4106 7th Hussars
Hassett B. Private 3427 7th Hussars
Hatch T.S. Private 3725 7th Hussars
Hayes T. Private 4012 7th Hussars
Hewitt W. Private 3949 7th Hussars
Horne M. Private 3900 7th Hussars
Howard T. Private 3629 7th Hussars
Howard W. Private 3854 7th Hussars
Humphrey G. Private 3790 7th Hussars
Hunter E. Private 3836 7th Hussars
Jay I. Private 3593 7th Hussars
Jeffery W. Private 3809 7th Hussars
Jeffs G. Private 3940 7th Hussars
Kean H. Private 3764 7th Hussars
Kelly L. O. Private 4112 7th Hussars
Kenyon W. W. Private 3757 7th Hussars
King W. Private 3860 7th Hussars
Kirby F. Private 3786 7th Hussars
Laws H. R. Private 4220 7th Hussars
Leigh J. D. Private 3710 7th Hussars
Lister H. Private 3736 7th Hussars
Lunham J. Private 4154 7th Hussars
Maggs J. Private 3727 7th Hussars
Marlow E. Private 4098 7th Hussars
Marshall W. Private 3692 7th Hussars
Martin H. Private 3954 7th Hussars
McGeorge E. Private 3664 7th Hussars
McGeorge P. Private 4121 7th Hussars
McLennand W. Private 3520 7th Hussars
McNaught J. Private 4042 7th Hussars
Miller J. A. Private 3762 7th Hussars
Moore G. Private 3845 7th Hussars
Mott C. Private 4211 7th Hussars
Murray J. Private 4021 7th Hussars
Myram M. Private 3700 7th Hussars
Newton T. Private 4089 7th Hussars
Nicholson R. M. Private 3932 7th Hussars
Norton W. R. Private 3498 7th Hussars
Odell W. Private 3765 7th Hussars
Page H. J. Private 3755 7th Hussars
Paice E. Private 3644 7th Hussars
Paton M. Private 3820 7th Hussars
Pennick G. Private 3341 7th Hussars
Peters J. Private 3788 7th Hussars
Phillips A. J. Private 3766 7th Hussars
Philpott R. Private 3904 7th Hussars
Pinn J. T. Private 3528 7th Hussars
Pitchforth H. Private 3603 7th Hussars
Port H. Private 4097 7th Hussars
Pratt A. M. Private 3794 7th Hussars
Pratt T. Private 4100 7th Hussars
Ranger T. Private 3382 7th Hussars
Rawson W. Private 3695 7th Hussars
Rees W. Private 3931 7th Hussars
Roberts E. H. Private 3770 7th Hussars
Robinson W. H. Private 3743 7th Hussars
Rogers J. Private 3401 7th Hussars
Rolls J. Private 3623 7th Hussars
Russell A. Private 3673 7th Hussars
Salter H. J. Private 3502 7th Hussars
Saunders A. Private 3773 7th Hussars
Saunders G. Private 3537 7th Hussars
Sayer F. Private 3491 7th Hussars
Schofield C. F. Private 3811 7th Hussars
Searle F. Private 3526 7th Hussars
Searle G. Private 3525 7th Hussars
Simm W. Private 3456 7th Hussars
Simmonds W. J. Private 3962 7th Hussars
Simmonds W. Private 4028 7th Hussars
Sims E. A. Private 3855 7th Hussars
Smith A. Private 3908 7th Hussars
Smith C. S. Private 4127 7th Hussars
Smith D. G. Private 3422 7th Hussars
Smith W. Private 3901 7th Hussars
Speller H. Private 3398 7th Hussars
Sterling J. J. Private 3549 7th Hussars
Sugden J. Private 4078 7th Hussars
Sussams H. J. Private 3777 7th Hussars
Taylor F. H. Private 3981 7th Hussars
Tickner E. J. Private 3986 7th Hussars
Urell H. J. A. Private 3534 7th Hussars
Usborne C. Private 3909 7th Hussars
Watson C. Private 3468 7th Hussars
Webber A. N. Private 3839 7th Hussars
White G. Private 2979 7th Hussars
Whitmarsh J. Private 3867 7th Hussars
Whittle W. H. Private 4064 7th Hussars
Woods A. Private 4188 7th Hussars
Wormald H. Private 4031 7th Hussars
Wortledge T. Private 3581 7th Hussars
Parfett R. Trumpeter 3140 7th Hussars
Varnfield C. Trumpeter 3119 7th Hussars

No 10 Mountain Battery, Royal Artillery

A two-gun division of No 10 Mountain Battery was attached to the Matabeleland Relief Force under the command of Lieutenant R.H.F. McCulloch assisted by Lieutenant N.W. Fraser of the Duke of Wellington's Regiment. On arrival at Bulawayo the strength was augmented by 23 local volunteers of the Bulawayo Field Force who had been trained as gunners in the Rhodesia Horse. Captain Hoel Llewellyn who commanded the British South Africa Police artillery troop also assisted.

McCulloch Robert Henry Frederick Lieutenant No 10 Mountain Battery, RA
May George Battery Sergeant-Major 37601 No 10 Mountain Battery, RA
Clark William Henry Sergeant 72547 No 10 Mountain Battery, RA
Newman Thomas William Sergeant 62356 No 10 Mountain Battery, RA
Didoe William Shoeing Smith 93593 No 10 Mountain Battery, RA
Jollife George Clydesdale Bombardier 82290 No 10 Mountain Battery, RA
Maynard Claude St. John Acting Bombardier 95096 No 10 Mountain Battery, RA
Bryant Herbert John Corporal 84467 No 10 Mountain Battery, RA
Roe Sydney Corporal 69203 No 10 Mountain Battery, RA
Berrey Charles Gunner 70547 No 10 Mountain Battery, RA
Butler Edward Gunner 83567 No 10 Mountain Battery, RA
Butler Henry Gunner 5243 No 10 Mountain Battery, RA
Carroll Thomas Gunner 1807 No 10 Mountain Battery, RA
Farrelly Peter John Gunner 68457 No 10 Mountain Battery, RA
Halford George Gunner 92750 No 10 Mountain Battery, RA
Jefferson Richard Gunner 94853 No 10 Mountain Battery, RA
MacKenzie John Gunner 89773 No 10 Mountain Battery, RA
Matthewes William Gunner 93917 No 10 Mountain Battery, RA
McCoy Christopher Gunner 76418 No 10 Mountain Battery, RA
Shields William Gunner 95011 No 10 Mountain Battery, RA

No 10 Mountain Battery, Royal Artillery

The BSAC Medal Roll lists all the above members of the No 10 Mountain Battery, Royal Artillery but additionally lists the following muleteers (presumably locally recruited and not part of the British Army). Source: Roll of Officers, Non-commissioned Officers and Men entitled to the Medal or Clasp for Operations in Matabeleland and Mashonaland in 1896, Together with those who have forfeited the same by misconduct. Cape Times Limited, St. Georges Street, Cape Town, 1898

Bennett Edward Sub-Conductor No 10 Mountain Battery, RA
Minuie Gert Corporal Muleteer No 10 Mountain Battery, RA
Sissing William Corporal Muleteer No 10 Mountain Battery, RA
Acutt Gilbert Muleteer No 10 Mountain Battery, RA
Baikes Saul Muleteer No 10 Mountain Battery, RA
Brunette Henry Muleteer No 10 Mountain Battery, RA
Coetzee Hendrick Muleteer No 10 Mountain Battery, RA
Comalo Tom Muleteer No 10 Mountain Battery, RA
David Solomon Muleteer No 10 Mountain Battery, RA
Davies Abraham Muleteer No 10 Mountain Battery, RA
De Vries John Muleteer No 10 Mountain Battery, RA
Diamond Jack Muleteer No 10 Mountain Battery, RA
Gregory George Muleteer No 10 Mountain Battery, RA
Hemero John Muleteer No 10 Mountain Battery, RA
Hoggans Daniel Muleteer No 10 Mountain Battery, RA
Isaacs Samuel Muleteer No 10 Mountain Battery, RA
Jarkes Jacoubus Muleteer No 10 Mountain Battery, RA
Jenkins William Muleteer No 10 Mountain Battery, RA
Kok William(not same as below) Muleteer No 10 Mountain Battery, RA
Kok William(not same as above) Muleteer No 10 Mountain Battery, RA
Nero Peter Muleteer No 10 Mountain Battery, RA
Nold Abraham Muleteer No 10 Mountain Battery, RA
Peters David Muleteer No 10 Mountain Battery, RA
Rossow Cornelius Muleteer No 10 Mountain Battery, RA
Smith John Muleteer No 10 Mountain Battery, RA
Steinkom Piet Muleteer No 10 Mountain Battery, RA
Thomas Henry Muleteer No 10 Mountain Battery, RA
Van Rool Alexander Muleteer No 10 Mountain Battery, RA
Versasie John Muleteer No 10 Mountain Battery, RA
Versasie Arnold Muleteer No 10 Mountain Battery, RA

Western Division, Royal Artillery

Members of the Western Division, Royal Artillery, disembarked at Beira on 6th July 1896 en route for Mauritius and served under Lieutenant S.C.C. Townsend R.A. with 2 7-pounders. They re-embarked at Beira on 18th December 1896.

Ledger William Spencer C.S.M. 40462 Western Division, RA
Clark Alfred Ernest C.Q.M.S. 63423 Western Division, RA
Smith Sidney Bombardier 5418 Western Division, RA
Greedy William Acting Bombardier 5002 Western Division, RA
Mulcahy Daniel Acting Bombardier 98217 Western Division, RA
Allison Thomas Gunner 7270 Western Division, RA
Aris Henry Gunner 10017 Western Division, RA
Beresford John Gunner 70858 Western Division, RA
Clark George Gunner 646 Western Division, RA
Cullin George Gunner 77790 Western Division, RA
Helm Elijah Gunner 77126 Western Division, RA
Phillips William Maurice Gunner 94751 Western Division, RA
Smith George Gunner 7427 Western Division, RA
Viggers William Gunner 74688 Western Division, RA