British Order of Battle

Dennis Bishop has catalogued the British Order of Battle at British Order of Battle

It is summarised below:

Laargers at Buluwayo, Belingwe, Mangwe and Gwelo
Units Numbers
Rhodesian Horse Volunteers (3 mtd companies) 150 men
Rhodesian Infantry Volunteers (7 inf companies) 350 men
Salisbury Horse Regiment (3 mtd companies) 150 men
Gifford's Horse Regiment (3 mtd companies) 150 men
Afrikander Corps (3 mtd companies) 213 men
Belingwe Field Force (4 Inf companies) 200 men
Gwelo Field Force (6 Inf companies) 336 men
Bulawayo Field Force Artillery Battery 1 x 7pdr, 1 x 2.5" gun, 1 x Hotchkiss,1 x Nordenfeldt gun, 1 x Maxim
Bulawayo Field Force Engineers Company 50 men
Matabele Mounted Police Company 48 men
Grey's Scouts Company 50 men
Dawson's Scouts Company 49 men
Brand's Mounted Volunteer Company 100 men
Matabele Irregular Company 100 warriors
Matabele Native Police Company 100 men (defected to rebels)

British Regulars
7th Hussars Cavalry Regiment 480 men
Mounted Infantry Battalion 200 men
West Riding Regiment (2 companies) 160 men
BSA Police Regiment (2 companies) 100 men
South African Constabulary Police Battalion 100 men

British Volunteers
Natal Contingent Company 100 men
Hurrell's Mounted Volunteer Company 50 men
Coope's Scouts Company 50 men
Ndapfunya Native Contingent 200 warriors
Cape Boys Regiment 200 men

The Rhodesian units were divided into two columns
Buluwayo Field Force (Colonel Napier) 850 men
Rhodesian Horse Volunteer Regiment (Mounted Squadron)
Rhodesian Infantry Volunteers (Infantry Battalion)
Gifford's Horse Regiment
Buluwayo Field Force Infantry Battalion
Afrikander Corps
Dawson's Scouts Company
Matabele Mounted Police Company
Grey's Scouts Company
Buluwayo Field Force Engineer Company
Buluwayo Field Force Battery

Matabele Irregular Company
Salisbury Column (Major Beal) 150 men
Salisbury Regiment
Gwelo Field Force (Captain Gibbs) 336 men
Belingwe Field Force (Unknown) 200 men

The British units were divided into two columns
Matabeleland Relief Force (Colonel Plumer) 750 white men and 200 Cape Boys
South African Constabulary Police Battalion
West Riding Regiment
Coope's Scouts Company
Hurrell's Mounted Volunteers Company
Cape Boy Regiment(200)

Mashonaland Relief Force (Lt. Colonel Alderson)
7th Hussar Cavalry Regiment
BSA Police Battalion
Mounted Infantry Battalion
Natal Contingent Company
Ndapfunya Native Contingent

The column formations occured after the arrival of the relief forces
Two distinct campaigns were waged against the Matabele and the Mashona. Some units were involved in both.
The numbers of men in the various units are estimates