Day 9 Sunday 22nd July Rest Day in Reeth
0 Miles

Hopefully non-walking friends will join us for the weekend - plenty of places to stay in Reeth and three pubs.


Stay in Reeth - I am staying at our cottage

For accommodation follow Sherpa Van link

Signed up for this day: David Brawn, Keith Case, Nigel Williams, Lyn Case, Jayne Lester, Brian Lester, Ruth Boyson, Stuart Emmerson

Some notes on the day

Rest day in Reeth. Ruth and Stu took Dave back to collect his car from Beeston and he returned later in the day. Brian, Jayne and Lyn left at lunchtime. Nigel and myself did very little as intended.

Bellegreen Reeth
Accomodation and baggage transport
Sherpa Van Website - Reeth
Packhorse website
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