Day 13 Thursday 26th July Great Broughton to Blakey Ridge
Distance 12 Miles .......... Ascent 965 Feet

Return to Clay Bank Top – either climbing up the road or getting a lift. Take the path along Carr Ridge across open moorland. A long slow climb leads up Round Hill where extensive views can be seen to the east. Path continues to climb gently past the Hand Stone to start a slow descent and a disused railway line. Walk across the moor on five or six miles of the trackbed. A long quite monotonous trek along the track across Farndale Moor leads to the Westerdale/Castleton cross path. Continue on the track and after passing through a cutting the red roofs of the Lion Inn become visible across the valley. One large sweeping curve followed by a short climb leads to the pub.

Although the views are quite extensive the walking is rather monotonous and therefore tiring.


I am booked into the Lion Inn, Blakey Ridge. Single ensuite £45.50 b&b

Click image for details or for other accommodation follow the Sherpa Van link

Signed up for this day: David Brawn, Keith Case, Nigel Williams

Some notes on the day

Dave took us back up to the top of Clay Bank Top. Quite a stiff climb up on to Urra Moor, but once this had been done there were good wide tracks all the way. The weather closed in a bit and it got cold and damp. Crossed the top of the moor and then followed the old railway line for 5 or 6 miles. Really motored along this bit and actually overtook people (Dutch couple and a group of two couples). Got to the Lion Inn at lunchtime and decided to make up some distance by carrying on in the afternoon which we did for another 5.8 miles to be about 3½ miles from Glaisdale. Dave had awful trouble trying to find us on the little moorland road so we waited about an hour for him. Lion Inn was an interesting place – small room hidden away in the roof. Huge amounts of food which seemed to be very popular with all those who had driven out to the remote location.

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